Plain Wing Fibre Cement Barge Meadowscape (Anthracite)

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Plain Wing Fibre Cement Barge Meadowscape (Anthracite)

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Size: 200 x 200mm
Length: 1830 mm
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This product is part of our Meadowscape range

Our Meadowscape fibre cement sheets are designed to make your structures roof look old fashioned and dated keeping its inconsistent pattern consistent.

The starting process to make our Meadowscape fibre cement products begins at the early stages when making our Natural Grey standard products. Whilst making our standard fibre cement products (which all start as natural grey), we manufacture them with a special pigment which is added into the mix allowing subtle colour to spread across the whole cement product.

  • The matt colour shade is a pigmented top layer of the Fibre Cement mix infused during manufacture
  • Designed to reduce sun glare and reflection of naturally bright fibre cement sheets
  • This range is not a painted/coated sheet
  • Heavy variation in the colour and shade of this design are purposely intended to give an enhanced appearance
  • This variation is an inherent characteristic of Fibre Cement sheets because they are made from natural Cement and silicas that react differently to the manufacture process
  • We also recommend that Fibre Cement sheets are mixed from different pallets as they are laid to eliminate blocks of differing shades and give the mixed natural effect purposely intended
  • It is designed to blend and fade from the day it is installed into the rural landscape
  • Fibre cement sheets that have obvious variations in shade should never be laid en block
  • Hand made fittings may have a different shade due to the lighter coloured fibre cement mix
  • All fibre cement materials can occasionally suffer from efflorescence, where the moisture/salt bloom can bleed into te top surface and show as light-coloured stains
  • Please store under cover and if not keep packs covered until ready for use
  • Follow all our storage guideliens

Technical Drawing

Briarwood's Plain Wing Barge Boards made from Fibre Cement

Straight Barge Boards

 Wing Dimensions

200 x 200 mm or 300 x 300 mm

Straight Barge Boards Lengths

1800, 2440 , 3050 mm

Cranked Barge Boards

200 x 200 mm Wing Dimensions

 Wing Dimensions

200 x 200 mm

Cranked Barge Boards Girths

1300 or 2200 mm

Cranked Barge Board Angles

5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 22.5 degrees

300 x 300 mm Wing Dimensions

 Wing Dimensions

300 x 300 mm

Cranked Barge Boards Girths

1300 mm

Cranked Barge Board Angles

5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 22.5 degrees


Bargeboards should be positioned so that their lap is directly below the end lap of the sheeting, with the top end of each bargeboard close to the tail end of the sheet in the course above.

The bargeboard lap should be immediately downslope of the sheet lap.

The sheeting should extend as far as possible under the bargeboard to ensure a weatherproof junction is provided. If lap sealant is required for the sheets, the sealant should also be applied to the bargeboards.

Allow 25mm clearance between the wall and the bargeboard when the gable is brick or block. Fix both legs of the bargeboard at the purlin positions and intermediate fixings should be introduced as necessary to ensure that both wings of the bargeboards are fixed at 750mm maximum centres.* 

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