Last Updated: 12th July 2023

Thank you for your interest in our Meadowscape product line. Our Meadowscape effect is carefully designed to create a time-worn look and feel, enhancing the character of any structure it is fitted onto. To ensure your satisfaction and proper usage, please note the following details and characteristics of our Meadowscape sheets:

  1. Manufacturing Process: Meadowscape sheets begin as our Natural Grey standard sheets. These sheets are manufactured with a special pigment, added early in the mix, which subtly colours the entire cement product.

  2. Matte Colour Shade: The matte colour shade you see on our Meadowscape products is the result of a pigmented top layer of the fibre cement mix. This layer is added and infused during the manufacturing process, and is designed to reduce sunglare and reflection.

  3. Variations in Appearance: Heavy variation in colour and shade are purposeful elements of our Meadowscape products. This enhances their appearance and mimics the look of naturally time-worn materials. Please note that this variation is an inherent characteristic of fibre cement sheets, due to their natural cement and silica components.

  4. Blending and Fading: Meadowscape is designed to blend and fade from the day it is installed into the rural landscape. We recommend that Fibre Cement sheets are mixed from different pallets as they are laid to help eliminate blocks of differing shades and contribute to the mixed natural effect.

  5. Shade Variations: Sheets with noticeable variations in shade should never be laid en bloc. We cannot be held responsible for sheets being laid when they do not match.

  6. Hand Made Fittings: Please be aware that hand-made fittings may have a different shade due to the lighter coloured fibre cement mix.

  7. Efflorescence: All fibre cement materials can occasionally suffer from efflorescence, where moisture or salt can bleed into the top surface and show as light-coloured stains.

  8. Storage: Please store Meadowscape sheets under cover, or keep packs covered until ready for use, to preserve their quality. Make sure to follow all our storage guidelines.

By purchasing Meadowscape products from Briarwood Supplies Limited, you acknowledge and accept these conditions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this disclaimer or any other aspect of our products and policies. We are here to ensure your complete satisfaction.