Fibre Cement Movement Joint in Slate Blue

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Length: 3050mm (10ft)
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EUROSIX movement joints are designed to cope with thermal expansion and contraction, as well as general movement on larger buildings. They are recommended for use on any long continuous lengths of roofing or vertical sheeting that extend over 45 metres in length. Movement joints are intended for use in long, continuous stretches of roofing or vertical sheeting, to accommodate thermal and other movements. BS 8219 recommends that movement joints should be included in stretches of roofing and vertical sheeting on buildings exceeding 45 metres in length.

For buildings in which the temperature or humidity is higher than normal, or which are subjected to sudden changes in temperature, the movement joints may be required at closer centres than indicated. EUROSIX fibre cement sheeting directly below the movement joint should be cut through the central valley of the corrugation in order to allow correct fitting of the movement joint. Each pair of half sheets are then set so they are 25-30 mm apart. It is essential that you do not simply space the sheets apart.

Straight movement joint pieces are 3000 mm in length, while cranked ridge movement joint pieces have a girth of 1300 mm and come in various angles including 5°, 7.5, 10°, 12.5°, 15°, 17.5° and 22.5° degrees. EUROSIX also offers movement joint stop ends and movement joint two piece ridge caps to complete the installation of your movement joint.


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