Bespoke Metal Roof Flashings

Experience superior craftsmanship and bespoke finish for your roofing projects with our custom-made roof flashings. Designed to perfection, our roof flashings complement every unique roof structure, ensuring maximum protection against water intrusion. We understand that the "one size fits all" approach doesn't always work when it comes to roofs - that's why we offer the opportunity to have flashings tailored to the precise shape, angles, dimensions, coating, and colour your project requires.

Essential to any roofing project finished with roofing sheets, roof flashings offer the security you need, especially for non-standard roof shapes. Standard 90° corner barge and 130° ridge flashings might fall short when it comes to unconventional roof designs. By ordering our custom roof flashing, tailored perfectly to your roof's angles, you secure enduring protection for your building throughout its life cycle.

Types of Bespoke Flashings we manufacture:

  • Ridge flashings
  • Door head drip flashings
  • Traditional drop flashings
  • Door jamb flashings
  • External corner barges
  • Internal corner barges
  • Shadow line barges
  • Apron-flashing pieces
  • Eaves flashings

Our custom-made flashings are produced according to your exact specifications. Using 0.7mm thick flat sheets in a variety of coatings, we craft flashings that not only match your aesthetic demands but also meet the highest standards of durability. We can produce custom roof flashings as wide as 1200mm and with lengths reaching up to 3 metres. Trust us to deliver unparalleled quality and precision for your roofing needs.

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