B-grade Big 6 Fibre Cement Roof Sheets Natural Grey

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Pack size: 1pcs
Size: 1525mm ( 5 ft )
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Technical specification

Width 1086 mm
Cover width
1016 mm
Thickness 6.5mm
Corrugation pitch 146.5 mm
Depth of profile 47.6 mm
Minimum end lap 150 mm
Minimum roof pitch 5 degrees
Fire rating class C1X
Maximum purlin centres 1375 mm
Maximum rail centres 1825 mm
Approx. weight when installed 17 kg/m2


B-grade Big 6 Fibre Cement Roof Sheets in Natural Grey

Ready for immediate dispatch nationwide within 3-5 working days

Briarwood have a variety of different EUROSIX natural grey fibre cement sheets in-stock right now available in different grades.

We have made it possible for you to purchase your fibre cement sheets at a fraction of the brand new sheet cost!


No guarantee on the selected 2nds, sold as seen. Viewing can be arranged. 

  • Graded sheets sold as seen on our website
  • There are no guarantees available on B-grade products
  • Although some B-grade products may appear damaged, they are all still in a useable condition
  • Viewings available upon request and scheduling

Please view our graded table below to understand what type of fibre cement sheet you will be purchasing.

  N-grade B-grade C-grade
Graded reason
(Meets one or more of the criteria listed)
  • End of line
  • Discontinued products
  • Cancelled orders
  • Overstock
  • New old stock
  • Returned stock
  • Incorrect colour
  • Delamination
  • Out of tolerance thickness
  • Doesn't conform to BS EN 494 criteria
  • Same as B-grade
  • Damaged stock
  • Mixed lengths in packs
  • Mixed colours in packs
Visual condition
(Meets one or more of the criteria listed)
  • Standard product condition
  • Surface scratches
  • Damage below 5cm2
  • Pack edge scuffs
  • Heavy surface scratches
  • Damage below 15cm2
  • Hairline surface cracks
Guarantees and warranties
  • All guarantees and warranties applicable
  • Non-refundable
  • No guarantees and warranties applicable
  • Non-refundable
  • No guarantees and warranties applicable
  • Non-refundable


EUROSIX 6 inch Fibre Cement Profiled sheets provide the optimal roofing or cladding solution for any agricultural, industrial, commercial or domestic building.

The fibre cement sheet allows natural ventilation to a building, absorbing condensation and also promotes the flow of fresh air.

EUROSIX comes with a range of accessories designed to offer ventilation options to suit every building type. As a result, this provides natural thermal properties and acoustic insulation whilst offering protection against harsher weather conditions.

The EUROSIX sheets and accessories are available in natural grey and a range of 6 standard colour options, custom colours are also available on request.

Our EUROSIX 6 inch fibre cement profile is a durable roofing option and also provides a long term investment. It has been accredited by the BBA Safety Standards and covered by CE Certification, as well as holding a 30 year manufacturers guarantee and 10 year colour sustainability guarantee.

The full range of EUROSIX 6 inch fibre cement profiled sheets are reinforced with polypropylene strips which are fully integrated along every corrugation of the sheet.

Our EUROSIX 6 inch profile is commonly used on all types of buildings and can be used for roofing as well as cladding applications.

Why should you use Briarwoods EUROSIX fibre cement sheets?

  • 30 year manufacturers guarantee
  • Highest quality fibre cement sheets in Great Britain
  • Perfect for cattle and dairy farming, equestrian centres and agricultural sheds
  • Minimises condensation
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Excellent acoustic insulation
  • Low thermal conductivity reduces heat build-up in the Summer, and prevents heat loss in the Winter
  • Class 1 fire rated
  • UKCA mark approved
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 standards
  • Complies with BS EN 494 requirements for Class 1X sheeting
  • Wide range of accessories available

EUROSIX technical specificatons

Reinforced fibre cement sheeting

EUROSIX is a strong fibre cement sheet reinforced with polypropylene strips that have been inserted in specific locations which run across the entire length of the sheet; thus providing maximum impact strength without negatively affecting the look, durability and practability of the product.

 Overwall width 1086mm
Cover width
1016 mm
Thickness 6.5 mm
Corrugation pitch 146.5 mm
Depth of profile 47.6 mm
Side lap 70 mm
Minimum end lap 150 mm
Minimum roof pitch
Maximum unsupported overhang 350 mm
Class C1X
Maximum rail centres 1825 mm
Approx. weight when installed 17kg/m2

EUROSIX 6" profile Technical Drawing

What types of buildings can I use with fibre cement?

  • Cattle buildings
  • Pig units
  • Livestock buildings
  • Grain stores
  • Food storage buildings
  • Indoor riding arenas
  • Horse stables
  • Straw/haylage store
  • Farm buildings
  • Multipurpose buildings
  • Machinery housing
  • Workshops



Briarwood's EUROSIX fibre cement sheets has lots of benefits which can be used in a magnitude of sectors making our sheets a cost effective solution to commercial clients, trade contractors, farmers and end users. A few sectors include:

  • Agriculture
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Public sector
  • Education
  • Leisure and hospitality


The key aspect on why you would choose fibre cement over metal is that it is far more durable. Unlike fibre cement, metal corrodes and rusts overtime whilst not being able to absorb water which primarily causes problems with condensation.

When you look to find a roofing solution, fibre cement has many benefits over metal making it sustainable, durable and requires no maintenance in the long run.

  • Resistant to rust, rot and corrosion
  • Minimises condensation
  • High level of insulation due to the sheets thickness
  • Sound proofing


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