Green Bitumen Corrugated Roof Sheet 930 x 2000mm

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Technical specification

Width 930 mm
Cover width
837 mm
2000 mm
Corrugation pitch 93 mm
Depth of profile 36 mm


The Bitumen Corrugated Roofing Sheet is a robust, waterproof roofing material made from organic fibres and saturated with bitumen. Not only does it possess a stylish design, but it also guarantees longevity, due to its resistance to rotting. These sheets can be effortlessly sized down using a saw and once put in place, they facilitate airflow along the overhangs of the roof.

Features & Benefits:

  • Purchase of fixings is separate
  • Installation is straight forward
  • Resistant to decay
  • Matching ridge tiles and edge components are available
  • Promotes ventilation along roof overhangs
  • Lightweight
  • Cost effective
  • Durable and strong
  • Easy to handle
  • Good sound absorption

Product Specification:

  • Length: 2000mm
  • Width: 930mm
  • Thickness: 2.2mm
  • Corrugation Height: 36mm
  • Corrugation Pitch: 93mm
  • Colour: Green

Please ensure that once the order is received, the wrapping is promptly removed and the products, including fittings, are kept in a shaded area prior to installation.

Where can Bitumen Corrugated Roof Sheets be used?

Bitumen Corrugated Roof Sheets are versatile and can be used on a variety of structures. They are commonly used for:

  1. Sheds: They provide a waterproof, durable roof that can withstand various weather conditions, perfect for garden sheds or storage sheds.
  2. Garages: Given their robust nature, these sheets are ideal for providing a long-lasting roof for garages.
  3. Carports: They can be used to create a sturdy, weather-resistant roof for carports.
  4. Workshops: They are commonly used on the roofs of workshops, due to their durability and ease of installation.
  5. Agricultural buildings: These sheets are often used on barns, stables, and other agricultural structures as they provide excellent protection from the elements.
  6. Porches and Lean-tos: They are a great option for smaller structures such as porches and lean-tos where you need a lightweight but durable roof.

Remember, wherever they're used, it's crucial to install them with a minimum gradient of 10% for proper water runoff and to ensure they're properly supported with timber battens or a similar structure.


  • Measuring guide

    Measuring Guide for Bitumen Roofing Materials

    To determine the quantity of bitumen sheets, ridges, barge boards, and fixings required for your roofing project, follow these simple steps:

    Measure the Length of the Structure

    For every 837mm along the width, you will need 1 Bitumen Roof Sheet.

    Calculate the number of Bitumen Roof Sheets

    Divide the length of the structure (in millimeters) by 837.

    Round up the result to the nearest whole number.

    This rounded-up figure represents the number of Bitumen Roof Sheets required.

    Determine the Number of Ridges for a Duo Pitched Roof

    Measure the length of the structure (in millimeters).

    Divide the length by 1000 (as each ridge is 1000mm long).

    Round up the result to the nearest whole number.

    This rounded-up figure indicates the number of ridges required.

    Calculate the Number of Barge Boards

    Measure the length of the gable end or rafter (in millimeters).

    Divide this length by 1000 to find the number of barge boards required for a single gable end.

    For a duo pitched roof, multiply this figure by 4 (as there are four gable ends).

    For a mono pitched roof (lean-to), multiply this figure by 2 (as there are two gable ends).

    The final result will give you the total number of barge boards needed.

    Remember to account for additional fixings, such as nails or screws, based on the manufacturer's recommendations or local building codes.

    By following these guidelines and performing the necessary calculations, you can accurately determine the quantity of bitumen sheets, ridges, barge boards, and fixings required for your roofing project.

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